Date: 2 months ago   Category: Politics

The U.S. Secretary of State called Hungary for support of Ukraine

"Authoritative Russia will never be a friend of freedom and sovereignty of the smaller countries". the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday, February 11, began with

the visit to the countries of Central Europe - Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

At a joint press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto Mike Pompeo reported that he brought up a question of support of Ukraine, the Voice of America tells. "Today I told

with the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the imperative need of support to Ukraine in fight for sovereignty and territorial integrity", - he told. "Hungarians very well know

from history that authoritative Russia will never be a friend of freedom and sovereignty of the smaller countries", - he added.

Commenting on cooperation of the USA and Hungary, Mike Pompeo welcomed conclusion of agreement about cooperation between two countries in the sphere of defense and plans of the country to buy defensive the equipment in the USA.

The fact that Hungary plans to increase a defense expenditure to 2% of GDP and also powerful presence in Afghanistan increase safety of NATO and Hungary, the American diplomat is convinced.

"It is not necessary to go far to see why it is necessary", - Pompeo said and urged to look at Ukraine.

"We should not allow Putin to drive in a wedge between friends into NATO", - the U.S. Secretary of State added.



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