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The Ukrainian football club can unexpectedly stop the performances

The acting president of the Vinnytsia Niva which acts in the Second league Vadim Kudiyarov told about an incident with attack of fans on the arbitrator after the match with Polesia.

After a duel which came to the end with the score 2:1 in favor of Polesia fans of Niva ran out on the football field to beat the chief referee of a match Denis Reznikov.

the Acting president of Niva Vadim Kudiyarov does not divide action of certain fans which ran out in the field after the match. However noted unfair work of the arbitrator.

Ya, as well as many of others, involved in our club, did not fall down this night in general. I do not maintain that barbarity which occurred after the game, but I cannot object people who on emotions began disorders. I do not know how to look in the face to inhabitants after such refereeing. I do not understand why all this then? How to fight against it "murder with a whistle"?

the Judge, having left in the field after a break, it is simple "tore off the heads" to team. Delivered to a penalty which was not, and whistled only in one party. Fans saw everything. Discontent degree in the stands of dews. It is not surprising that so as a result everything ended,

- quotes Vadim Kudiyarov of SportArena.

Besides, the acting president of Niva said that the club can be removed from the Second league. The decision will be made after the meeting with the management. you know

, we will hold a meeting with the management now and we will make the decision. Are morally ready to remove Niva from a tournament. Why to look for these means, to invest in children's soccer, to collect each kopek on soccer if here so all season can be crossed out? Why do we do it? That someone bought then for 100 hryvnias the judge, and scoffed at us?

In that case we are not ready to participate in development of professional soccer in Vinnytsia region. It is not sport, but some "financial pyramid"! I support other types, I will better focus purely on them, there is more pleasure less than such dirt. Where it vidano in the world?!

How judges are appointed? What estimates do they receive? There arrived the arbitrator and very cool seized. If the police for five minutes later worked, he would not whistle any more. And on us also all charges, a lot of detainees, the management asks: "What at you occurs there what for "you boil" all over the country?" Here we will gather and decide now how to live further. The Vinnytsia Niva can stop participation in the second league though behind a game were in a step from the first,

- the official told.

For two rounds to the finish of the Second league Niva takes the fourth place with 41 points in an asset. The Vinnytsia club keeps mathematical chances to leave in the First league.



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