Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

The Ukrainian economy will become strong: Groysman called terms

The prime minister Vladimir Groysman has said that for few years Ukraine can reduce a debt load to 50% of internally gross product, and after a 5-letka - to have strong economy. "We already begin to reduce

, but not to increase our debts", - he has said in an interview to Ukrinform. commenting on the last arrangements with the International Monetary Fund, transfers unitary enterprise.

"Have accepted recently the strategy of management of ours of a debt load which provides her reduction by 2020 to level less than 50% of GDP", - the prime minister has added.

"In general, is convinced, in five years we can come to strong economy. I see how it can occur, and I understand what should be done for this purpose", - Groyasmn has told, but has added that to the government support of the president and parliament is important for economic growth.

Despite presidential and parliamentary elections of 2019, the prime minister hopes for investments in various spheres.

the Draft budget for the next year, according to him, is "balanced and sufficient".

"Our budget - 1 trillion 200 billion hryvnias. Additional offers has come to the budgetary committee on 2 trillion 200 billion. That is still almost on two budgets. There all who that wants who that has thought up to whom that has dreamed write down. I can agree only to one - on the realistic budget. Unrealistic will lead to new crises", - Groysman has told.

according to him, hryvnia exchange rate to dollar in 29,4 - absolutely real: "For this reason him it is also put in the draft budget. And this year he was even lower predicted".

As for earnings, the ideas to raise the minimum wage since January 1 to 5500 UAH instead of 4170 UAH Groysman explains with political goals.

"If to speak practically, then have to achieve this year that the average salary across Ukraine has reached not less than 10 thousand hryvnias. And, I think, until the end of the year we will come to this indicator", - the prime minister has said.

according to him, is important to provide "sectoral increases in the salary".

"Changes were already suffered by physicians. Tens of thousands of doctors on primary link which is reformed already begin to receive the new salary. It is not about 5-7 thousand, and about 12-18 thousand hryvnias. It is very important also that the salary grew in the private sector. And we will move", - Groysman has promised.



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