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The Ukrainian army has moved ahead: fighters have won seven settlements

In a year the Ukrainian army has got stronger and has considerably moved ahead. Seven settlements and about hundred square kilometers of the territory taken under control.

of ATO was transformed to Operation of the Integrated Forces, and the Ukrainian army actively uses advance tactics in a so-called "gray zone". In 4 months have returned 15 more square kilometers of the Ukrainian earth. In the Minsk transactions the concept "gray zone" doesn't exist. It is only about the line of demarcation, therefore, advance in "a gray zone" doesn't violate the arrangement.

In November - May and Gladosovo that near Horlivka, became Ukrainian again. In December the army has released Verkhnetoretskoye in Donetsk region. It is important because the settlement lies near the strategic road - from the occupied Horlivka to Donetsk.

In January have released Novoaleksandrovka - it is already Luhansk region. The village was in "a gray zone" three years. In February the blue-yellow flag has raised over Ekaterinovka of the Luhansk region. Our fighters have come into her without uniform shot.

have Most of all promoted in May - on 2 kilometers when have taken under control the settlement Southern, near Horlivka. Now it is one of the hottest sectors of the front. And on June 30 the army has returned under complete control Gold-4, (former Pioneer, nearby to Popasna). Now and there the Ukrainian flag flutters.

Under control have returned to Ukraine about one hundred square kilometers of the territory. The army actively wins a so-called "gray zone".

On a front line are at war also girls. Olga from Chelyabinsk. Our interview is killed continually by provocations of fighters from small arms. Olga here 4th year. Volunteer, then physician. And here at last I have taken the automatic machine in hand. And not to kill and to protect now the country.

"I am proud of the fact that I have obtained citizenship of Ukraine. A lot we need to make, but I see in this country the future actually. There is a lot of work. At the moment I am at the front therefore we have here a little the work", - the girl tells.

to estimate changes for the last year, we have visited two areas - hundreds of kilometers in way. Also I admit to you - changes are. New ways, are repaired houses. There is more. Here, on Donbass, even more often we see blue-yellow flags. And here such bridges.

the Army has received also new "medichka". Brand new "Hummers" have saved not one ten lives. There is such car about 6 million hryvnias. Resuscitation cars, though big, but - fighters say - are better equipped and move quietly that does them almost imperceptible during evacuation of wounded from the battlefield.

Here behind these concrete red-white blocks are, actually, first line. Further it is forbidden to pass. To positions of fighters from here several steps. It is extremely dangerous to be here. And already there, behind brilliant green - Donetsk is occupied. On a straight line about 10 kilometers. We return

to Zaytsev, near the occupied Horlivka. The fourth year it is one of the most hot spots. The village is halved. A part is controlled by the Ukrainian



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