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The true reason of a divorce of Petrosyan is called

It isn't known yet who has started a romance on the party - the humorist or his wife.

In nearly three weeks after it became known of parting of the famous actors of the colleague and friends of star spouses have shared the opinions on the events. About Evgeny Vaganovich and Elena Grigoryevna's difficult relations and also about why after all they have decided to dissolve a marriage which seemed such happy and strong, spoke in studio of the Let Speak program.

One of the main guests of transfer became Petrosyan's lawyer Sergey Zhorin. He has told that the press issues a lot of incorrect information which, in turn, throws, according to the lawyer, everything is known by whom and for what. there is no

Actually "any one and a half billion, there is no pregnancy of the assistant - all this isn't true, and all this is directed to that there were bases to warm a situation", and at Stepanenko's divorce would receive a lshy part of joint property, the defender has added.

The fact that Tatyana is responsible for a divorce - a lie. And to that there are proofs, Zhorin has said. And no "last straw" which interpret in the press existed, spouses don't live together 15 years. And during this time, the lawyer has noted, they move away, "the vacuum is formed" which is filled.

Zhorin has noted that Stepanenko better looks, has lost weight, and it, according to him, occurs, "when the woman is in love". And to revenge her there is nothing. Therefore only one reason of all this sensation - money is available. And Stepanenko wants to receive almost everything, and that you never know can occur, and she will be left with nothing.

Half a year ago when negotiations on the section of property between spouses and their representatives, Elena Grigoryevna were conducted, Zhorin has reported I have put forward the ultimatum. "If you don't agree to conditions, I will suit you the second Dzhigarkhanyan", - she has told, the lawyer has told.

the girlfriend of star family who was in studio the Lada Bystritskaya has remembered how Stepanenko always cared for Petrosyan. On what the defender of the actor declared: under Evgeny Vaganovich's bed the figure of the voodoo, all istykanny has been found needles. Also I have asked whose it can be tricks if not his wives.

at the end of transfer have shown certain video. On him - Evgeny Petrosyan and his young assistant Tatyana Brukhunova whose age is less, than time of marriage of the famous humorists.

"When have brought us this video, have asked to pay attention that allegedly at the time of shooting Tatyana Brukhunova was in the family way", - the TV host Dmitry Borisov has addressed the audience.

I on record at the young woman is really noticeable a stomach, decent by the sizes.

"To this video is two years. Video, apparently, is shot long ago because Evgeny Vaganovich wouldn't put on during a 30-degree heat of a coat. I suspect that someone has wound Elena Stepanenko," - the lawyer has told.

the TV host Angelina Vovk has assumed that, maybe, Brukhunova has given rise for a long time. What Zhorin has answered: "If she has given rise, then there would be be already nothing to divide".



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