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The truck with people rolled down from the mountain to the river, there are dead: road accident details

The terrible tragedy which claimed the lives of five people happened because of bad weather
of state of emergency occurred on Tuesday, June 11, to Transcarpathia in Tyachevsky district. There the cargo car flew from the mountain to the rough small river.

ZIL-131 was In the truck five people - two employees of forestry and three residents of the village of Tarasovka. People went to prepare firewood. Unexpectedly the strong thunderstorm burst. Because of bad weather, the driver of the vehicle did not manage to drive and the car failed down, reports TSN.

the Truck rolled down directly to the river. As a result of road accident the driver and passengers died.

Is reported that bodies of four people are found. The body of the fifth dead carried away a current. As we wrote

earlier, as a result of road accident the truck with people fell to Transcarpathia to the river. The day before reported about dead and injured as a result of state of emergency. So in a serious condition there is a 25-year-old girl: "To the river seven Belarusian tourists fell to Prikarpatye - they still remain in hospital. In a serious condition 25-year-old girl. She has a change of a basin and concussion".

Is known also that during accident in the truck there were 23 tourists from Belarus: "In Kolomyysky firm those ordered rafting round that boats to raft on the river Black Cheremosh. To the river they had to reach by truck. But, having passed some 100 meters from the place of collecting, the truck suddenly moved down from the mountain in a 40-meter abyss. Two tourists and the head of group died".

Tourists remember terrible events: "Reduced transfer, the car moved forward, brakes refused, could not stop, tightened in a ditch and dumped down. Those who in a body, scattered those, those who in a cabin - someone got out who did not get out".

to get the dead, the truck it was necessary to cut.

"Distance from an abyss about 40 meters, a part of people was in water, and other part - on coast. The car was cut - so bodies of the dead of tourists got", - the head of local department of GSChS Vladimir Chernetsky reported. we Will remind

, we wrote that in the Ivano-Frankivsk region there was a tragedy. Three persons died, one more is looked for by rescuers owing to falling of a car to the river.

became known Of it from information placed by Management of GSChS of Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

To the local river Black Cheremosh from height about 40 meters fell the lorry with tourists.




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