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The teacher has described the attitude towards children of 3 generations of parents - and the truth is worse, than you think

Here that well, badly and that is awful...

the Teacher of biology at high school has shared the impressions about three generations of parents of the pupils. He has described how the style of communication with them - both in good, and in the bad party changed, Bored Panda tells.

according to him, each generation has own style of education, and any of them isn't ideal. If you want to learn

what generation is the worst parents, to your attention - the direct speech:

". ... I teach biology many years, and had pleasure (and displeasure) to watch parents of the pupils. I have decided to share the experience with you communication with each generation.

Of course, all this on the average and generally because I met both good, and bad parents in all generations, but could remove a common denominator nevertheless. I will also not speak to what generation I belong to avoid charges of bias.

Generation of baby boomers. there is no

U me pupils any more with parents of this generation therefore I proceed from past experience.

Good: invest in the children and their future, met me at a request, listened to what I have to tell, and, in most cases, used my councils.

Bad: exacting, rough, impatient.

Awful: they know everything and about everything. There is nothing any more unpleasant, than councils of the one who has relations to your profession. They become angry because of nonsense, and behave sharply and aggressively. The only time when I had to cause protection, it was the meeting with the baby boomer. Generation
Now most of parents of my pupils belong to

to this generation therefore I have a wide experience of communication with them.

Good: they have a fine sense of humour, and they well provide the children.

Bad: there are two types of parents of generation of X. The first type has a little general with the children. I don't say that they don't care for them, they just don't put in them a lot of time or emotional support, and instead put resources and time in themselves and the partner.

my colleagues and I often we call them by "generation which wanted children, but didn't want to be parents". At their children usually badly with discipline, and it is very noticeable at school.

Awful: Second type of parents of generation of X. Oh, I hate these parents. These are those who believe that their child - an ideal angel who can't be mistaken and any problem which they face is a fault of teachers or school. Regardless of the fact that you speak to these parents and regardless of the fact that the child has made them, they always transfer fault to someone another.

Fast note: the greatest number of antiprivivochnik, fans of homeopathy and pseudoscientific theories belongs to this generation. I could tell much about it, but it is a subject for other post. I won't print any more because I was tired.

Generation Y, or пок



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