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The system of the correct weight loss for weight loss!

The first half of day (up to 12 hours)

- 1-2 glasses of warm water after awakening. It is possible to add a lemon with honey or a sage. Water will clean an organism both from slime, and from slags.

- in 30 minutes can drink fruit juice or to eat juice. A melon and banana it is impossible we don't mix with anything.

- Grain porridge or rye bread with greens. It is allowed to add some salt slightly iodinated salt. We cook or presoak only on water.

the Second half of day (up to 16 hours)

- Green tea with mint. Accept vitamins of group B, A and E.

we Have dinner in half an hour:

- Chicken (either fish, or low-fat meat, or other bird, or eggs or other seafood, or mushrooms, or bean, or haricot, or soy, or nuts). The portion has to be reasonable.

- Salad vegetable, filled with vegetable oil or apple cider vinegar (several droplets), either natural yogurt, or lemon juice. Every time change not only vegetables, but also gas station. Don't repeat. The portion has to be reasonable.

Evening (up to 19 hours)

- Herbal tea from 1 beds. honey. Don't forget to accept vitamins necessary to you.

In an hour we have supper:

- Kefir (from 1 glass to the 3rd) either natural yogurt, or any fermented milk product. All! It is authorized to add dried apricots pieces to kefir.



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