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The Swedish wind in a world sail

The former vice-president - 64-year-old to Olya Dalin has been elected the new head of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) him now.

In the Croatian city of Porec has taken place the XIII congress of the International Biathlon Union which has made a number of the major decisions and has defined, so to speak, the new helmsman of the organization for the next four years.

In the first day of a meeting key was a question concerning restoration of full membership in IBU of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) which has lost him in connection with sensational doping investigation. In the arguments the Russian delegation has relied on the fact that the new people who have completely admitted guilt of the predecessors and promised to bring quickly order to the country have come to the management of RBU, having absolutely got rid of application of a dirty doping technique.

However words is one, and business - another. Corresponding, to simple words while the Russian biathlon opening shake everything new and new persons involved in use of banned drugs, not everyone has believed. And though the dispute has turned out very hot, by a majority vote (29 against 20 at 2 refrained) has been refused to Russian Biathlon Union restoration of the full-fledged rights, having kept behind him temporary membership in IBU. However, if in the closest months of RBU really proves the firm course towards resolute fight against dope, the above-stated decision can soon be revised.

A Congressmen have focused further directly on elections of the new head of the International Biathlon Union. It is known that applied for this post the Swedish functionary to Olya Dalin who from 2014 to 2018 occupied a chair of the vice-president of IBU for development, and the president of federation of biathlon of Latvia of Bayba Brock. On the sidelines the last was called an otstaivatelnitsa of interests of Russia and, it seems, these assumptions to her haven't served good service at all. In any case, during Brock's vote I have managed to collect in own favor only 12 votes whereas for the candidate of the Swede 39 hands were raised at once.

Thus, to Olya Dalin became only the second president of IBU for his already long 25-year story. It is known that before her permanent leader there was Norwegian Anders Besseberg. But when the descendant of Varangians was seriously suspected of corruption schemes of activity and conscious concealment of information on positive doping tests of many Russian baitlonist, over his head the Sword of Damocles has hanged. Meanwhile the Norwegian has got off with elementary resignation, however, isn't excluded, only business won't be limited to it. Among charges to Besseberg appear also such which mean criminal responsibility. Therefore trials continue, and the former head of IBU shouldn't rest on laurels at all.

What will be a course to Olya Dalina in further development of world biathlon while it is only possible to guess. But usually in such cases new heads seek to cause a stir in something original and revolutionary. Therefore nowadays is in a final stage of consideration



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