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The students of Kerch receiving pensions need to address to Penfond

In Kerch the students who have reached 18-year age, receiving pensions have to report in the Pension fund about the transfer in educational institution. The press service of administration of Kerch reports about it, - tells

Today about 300 students resident students of Kerch receive pension on loss of the supporter. Every year their structure is updated: someone finishes study, others go to the universities and colleges.

the Pension fund of Kerch reports that payment of pension for loss of the supporter at students can continue also after 18 years on condition of their transfer on full-time courses and before achievement of 23-year age by them. "Some forget

about need of providing such reference and address to the Pension fund only after suspension of payment of pension", - writes department.

on the occasion of loss of the supporter the disabled members of the family of the died supporter consisting in his dependence have the Right for pension. Minor children and also the children studying on full-time in educational institutions of all types and types before the end of training, but not longer than before achievement of age by them 23 years are recognized those.

If the child recipient of pension goes on internal office to the university or Susa, he needs to present to the Pension fund the reference from educational institution on the transfer with the indication of the entire period of training. She is enough to be brought in the Pension fund once, at the beginning of training, after that information on the student arrives within information exchange between RPF and educational institution.

At assignment from internal office, the end of study or achievement of 23-year age by the student payment of pension to him stops. the student has to report

About the study termination immediately in Management. The Pension fund will be forced to collect illegally received pension in a judicial proceeding.



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