Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

The strong fire at school has claimed the lives of 11 children: cruel revenge has turned into tragedy

As a result of the large-scale fire at school at least 11 children have died. It is supposed that at school the pupils
excluded earlier have intentionally arranged an arson the Strong fire has run high at school on Monday, November 12. According to preliminary data, ignition has happened about midnight, however, despite late time, the victims of the tragedy have been locked in the hostel at school.

the Police officers investigating it incidents believe that the arson was deliberate. Behind him there is a group of school students who were expelled from this educational institution earlier. Law enforcement authorities have already detained three suspects and at present continue investigation.

Is noted that it is about one of schools of Uganda. This fire became already the third in educational institution since the beginning of this year. before we told

that the fourth days in the USA fire destroys California where there live many Hollywood celebrities. So, the tragedy has overtaken family of the American actor and the winner of the award "Golden Globe" Charlie Shin.

He has said that he can't find the parents after the fire to Malibu (State of California). It became known on Sunday, November 11. the Actor has told

to journalists that Martin and Janet Shin were missing and don't contact. After that journalists managed to find for information on missing. It has turned out that rescuers evacuated them in time, and they have survived.

the Father of the actor admitted that it was the most terrible fire which he ever saw in 48 years of life in Malibu.

Also we reported that the number of the dead as a result of wildfires in the American State of California has increased to <>
As authorities of the state have reported, bodies of five dead have been found in the burned-down houses and one person has met death in the car. All these people became the victims in the north of California.

Missing are considered more than 200 people, the authorities hope that most of them will be found in good health.

Wildfire has flashed in the north of California on Thursday, November 8. There 29 people have died, two more have died in the south of the state, near a resort of Malibu where the woods also burn.




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