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The State Department has told when new sanctions against Russia come into force

New unilateral sanctions of the USA against Russia in connection with business by Skripalya will come into force approximately on August 27. The State Department Spokesperson has reported about it on Thursday to the correspondent of the Russian TASS.

"the USA on August 6 within observance of the [American] Law on control over chemical and biological weapon you will also lock its applications of 1991 have come to a conclusion that the Government of the Russian Federation used chemical or biological arms in defiance of international law or used killing chemical or biological arms against own citizens, - the representative of Foreign Ministry has told. - On August 8 we have notified the Congress [USA] on the intention to enter several [types] of sanctions against Russia as that is demanded by the Law on control over chemical and biological weapon, including first of all application of a presumption of refusal in providing access to the sensitive goods and technologies of the sphere of national security having the American origin".

"The notifying period determined by the Law on control over chemical and biological weapon has expired on August 22. We have transferred [to relevant authorities of the U.S. Government] the notice [for] the Federal register enacting sanctions, and we expect that it will be published on August 27", - the American diplomat has noted.

the Federal register is a collection of official documents of the U.S. Government. Present restriction will come into force after the publication in him the corresponding notice.

According to announcements of the American authorities of August 8 Washington first of all imposes a ban on delivery of Russia of production of dual purpose this time.

Besides, the marked law provides also threat of application of the second wave of sanctions approximately in three months after introduction of the first part of restriktion. The second wave of sanctions can follow in 90 days after the first, that is at the end of November of the current year. The State Department notes that the second round of sanctions can be cancelled in case of performance by Russia of the set conditions. Moscow within three months has to provide to

guarantees that won't use chemical weapon and to agree to the admission of the international inspectors on the objects where this chemical weapon presumably can be made.

Among possible measures which Washington can apply against Moscow within the second round of sanctions are also registered decrease or suspension of diplomatic relations.

Besides, is possible a total ban on flights in the USA of planes of the Russian state airlines. This measure can concern, first of all, Aeroflot - in case of the second wave of sanctions landing of planes of airline in the USA and delivery of the American goods will be forbidden it as the carrier is state.

In spite of the fact that sanctions haven't been imposed on August 22, the Russian national currency has negatively reacted even to a possibility of their entry into force. For on



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