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The state company has sold electricity in the DPR on half a billion

The Donetsk branch of the state enterprise of "Regional electrical networks" for February-May, 2015 has sold on the occupied territory of the electric power for 447 million hryvnias. It is said in results of audit of the Public auditor service for the first half of the year 2018, reports the Marlin project.

"Is realized by the GP Donetsk branch of "RES" from 2/2/2015 in the 5/1/2015 by submission of applications for purchase of the electric power with the overestimated volumes electric energy without existence of the signed contracts with consumers for territories where the authorities don't carry out the powers for the sum of 447,061 million UAH", - established during audit.

According to accounting reports, 447 million are carried to expenses without supporting documents that has led to losses for the specified sum.

In the comment to the Marlin project the expert in power Andrey Gerus has made the assumption that under the word "consumers" the former state mines over which the state has de facto lost control in 2014 mean. in general auditors have established

violations for the sum more than 534 million hryvnias at the state enterprise "RES" and its branches for the last ten years. From which 466 million are financially lost.

Krom of the auction given above with the occupied territory is about many other smaller violations. Officials of "RES" haven't provided to

timely judicial collecting debts from the state mines, than have led 15,8 million UAH

to loss the Plant of the GP "RES" Lviv branch has sold production rooms to private firm with violations, than has allowed losses for 1,4 million UAH

by the Luhansk branch "RES" is lost debt obligations for the sum of 1,3 million UAH of the private company LLC DV Neftegazodobyvayushchaya Kompaniya which belonged to ex-regionals Yuriy Boyko and Yuli Ioffe, and over time has passed to the businessman Paweê Fuchs.

Auditors have also recorded frauds on tenders.

"Are established cases of the conclusion of "RES" of contracts with violation of laws on purchases according to the 3rd procedures for the sum of 21,8 million UAH and with violation of internal orders of "RES" behind 9 procedures for the total amount of 14,8 million UAH", - it is said in the document.

B of November, 2014 the government has determined by own order the accurate list of the villages and cities located in the territory where public authorities temporarily don't carry out the powers.

the State enterprise "Regional Electrical Networks" falls within the scope of control of the Ministry of Energy. In 2015 Vladimir Demchishin was the Minister of Energy on a presidential quota. Now Demchishin is the deputy head of the Supervisory Board of the Naftogaz national company.



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