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The State bureau of investigations told why carried out searches to the State Courier Service

The state bureau of investigations investigates possible illegal actions of top officials of the State Courier Service - officials did not exercise customs control of goods of one of producers of tobacco products.

"According to preliminary information, officials did not exercise customs control of goods of one of large international producers of tobacco products.

Besides, the management of the State Courier Service made the decision on cancellation of financial sanctions against the mentioned producer. Through these actions the state budget perhaps received less means in the sum about 630 million UAH", - it is said in the statement.

Is noted that on July 12 investigators carried out searches in the Public fiscal service and at the Kharkiv customs State Courier Service and also withdrew documents in Head department of the State Courier Service in the Kharkiv region.

of GBR began criminal proceedings according to Part 2. Article 367 UK (office negligence, that is the non-execution or inadequate execution by the official of the official duties owing to the unfair attitude towards them which entailed especially heavy consequences). we Will remind


became known Earlier that GBR carries out searches in the Public fiscal service.

Was reported that investigative actions are connected with withdrawal of the documents connected with signing of the settlement agreement between the Filip Morris company (the producer of tobacco products) and Ukraine.

B 2015 "Filip Morris Ukraine" began to apply special customs regulations of processing in the customs territory of Ukraine to further export of products.

for this purpose the company got the corresponding permission from the Kharkiv customs State Courier Service.

Within this mode "Filip Morris Ukraine" acquired the right for conditional release from the Ukrainian import duty and other import taxes of materials for processing of raw materials by the company, the products from which were subject to re-export.

the Total cost of finished goods which was made and exported in the processing mode in the customs territory of Ukraine within April, 2015 - March, 2016 was 87 million euros.

In March, 2016 when period of validity of permission to application of customs regulations of processing almost expired, Head department of the Public fiscal service in the Kharkiv region initiated tax audit with the purpose to call into question legitimacy of application of the mode to operations, carried out "Filip Morris Ukraine" in the processing mode.

by results of check the company received tax solution notices for the total amount of 635 million UAH that includes additional accruals of import duty, additional import duty, the VAT, penalties and a penalty fee.

After the unsuccessful appeal administratively in bodies of the State Courier Service and also in court of first instance, four companies Philipp Morris ("Filip Morris International Ink. (USA)", "Filip Morris Global Brends Ink." (USA), "Filip Morris Brends Sarl" (Switzerland), "Filip Morris Ukraine") submitted to the government of Ukraine the Message about an investment dispute.

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