Date: 3 months ago   Category: Incidents

The SSU found a large consignment of amber in the Transcarpathian region

Law enforcement authorities found more than 200 kg of amber which the resident of the Volynsk region tried to transport on the territory of Transcarpathia in the SUV.

Security service specialists of Ukraine (SSU) found a large consignment of amber in the Transcarpathian region. On December 8 the press service of the SSU in Facebook reported about it.

"On a stationary post "the Lower Gate" of the Volovetsky area law enforcement authorities found more than 200 kg of amber in the SUV. The resident of the Volynsk region tried to transport goods on the territory of Transcarpathia", - reported in the SSU.

In intelligence agency told that amber was transported in bags on a back seat of the car. Its estimated cost in the black market, - more than 1.5 million UAH

Are begun pre-judicial investigation under the Article 240 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (Violation of the rules of protection of a subsoil).

B the Rivne, Volynsk and Zhytomyr regions is adjusted illegal extraction of amber which, according to ecologists, does irreparable harm to the nature.

in the Summer of 2015 the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that 90% of amber in Ukraine are extracted illegally at protection of law enforcement agencies.

on April 5, 2018 Poroshenko reported that in Ukraine there is "an accurate model" of the solution of an issue of illegal extraction of amber. He did not disclose details, but reminded prosecutor's office, the Security Service of Ukraine and police that it is their zone of responsibility.



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