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The son of the deputy head of the NSDC was included into the supervisory board "Smithies on Rybalsky"

The enterprise is engaged production of military equipment and arms.

since August 31 was a part of the supervisory board of the Kiev plant "Smithy on Rybalsky" Igor Gladkovsky.

As reports Interfax Ukraine, this is the son of the deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleg Gladkovsky.

Gladkovsky Jr. was a part of the supervisory board for the term of 1 year and 7 months as the authorized representative from the shareholder of LLC Hyunday Motor Ukraina instead of Alexander Tsymbal who was at this position since March, 2017.

Within the last five years he holds positions of the CEO of LLC Hyunday Motor Ukraina and the member of NANOSECOND of PJSC The Closed Not Diversified Corporate Fund SOVA.

Smithy on Rybalsky (earlier - "A Lenin smithy") - one of the main enterprises of a sudprom of Ukraine where in the conditions of external aggression production of new developments of defensive appointment among which there is a grenade launcher of UAG-40 is developed, fighting modules for armored machinery, the armored car and so forth is constructed by

In 1991-2002 at capacities of shipbuilding plant a corvette of VSMU "Ternopil". Since 2004 construction of bronekater of the Gyurza project for State Border Service, since 2012 - bronekater of "Gyurza-M" by request of the Ministry of Defence is begun.

the Main shareholder of the shipbuilding plant privatized in 1995 acts as PJSC Not Diversified Corporate Investment Fund Prime Essets Capital of the president Petro Poroshenko.



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