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The son has brought to mother the bride: will live like, at her. The wise answer of mother has struck all

And you have kind of arrived?

Little children, small bedka, but once children grow. This mother has chosen the way - to release.

"A month ago the son has brought home the girl.

- Mother, is my Zoya. We love each other and we will live together.

As any mother, I wish good luck to the child. Want to live together - let live, I of course, not against.

- is good, the sonny. You go on kitchen so far, drink a tea. And I will pack your things.

- In what sense - you will pack things? - the son was surprised. I watch

Ya at the son and I see him sincerely confusion. He has obviously not understood, it was necessary to explain:

- In direct. I will pack your things now and you will leave to live together. You want it!

- Nuu, mothers, you understand, to rent apartment expensively and there is nothing - we are students, you know. We thought here to live. We won't prevent you.

Sounds not bad, but I with the mother-in-law lived ten years until we with the husband have received the apartment. The relations at us, naturally, have deteriorated. Now I don't interfere it with them. And in a month - another slippers will depart to me: crookedly I look, I make remarks, I drive out of the house. Such happiness isn't necessary to me. Eh, Zoya, you don't even represent from what hell I have saved you. there Is no

- the sonny. If you consider yourself rather adult to live with the girlfriend, try to provide you conditions for joint life. And it means to be an adult: to be transferred to a zaochka, to find work and to rent apartment. But is simpler and cheaper the room! Then live together, to the top of the bent.

- Mother and you that?! To live in the communal flat with foreign people? We don't want.

Here so. That is, into the communal flat to turn my apartment and we want to settle foreign person-. And with foreign people - we don't want. Interestingly.

- Zoya, you love my son? Though, for certain you love, you hjotit time to live together.

- Yes. I love your son. Very much. - has barely audible said air creation.

- you love each other, and with darling love in a cottage. Correctly I speak, Zoya?

- Yes, is correct. I also agree to the communal flat if only together.

- There now, the son, so to that and to be. Believe, Zoya will be grateful to you for my absence. Arrange the life without my control and participation. But about the communal flat don't worry - I will add that was enough for the apartment.

In half an hour having closed a door behind children, I have burst out crying. The temptation youth was too high to retain: both the son nearby, and the daughter-in-law under supervision. But it is impossible - adult children have to live separately from parents. I have made the business - have grown up. I have come it is time to release the son in free floating". do you agree

A with it? Would arrive also?

of Fia Mont.



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