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"The situation is absolutely stalemate. We play by rules of Americans"

Parties of the conflict around Donbass is in a stalemate, in Ukraine Russia is forced to play by the rules established by Americans. The situation in the Sea of Azov will be intense even after exchange of seamen of "North". Accident during repair of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier is provoked by greed of officials and businessmen and also results of military reform in the Russian Federation.

About it in an interview to the observer the Political Navigator Valentina Filippova was told by the famous military analyst Vladislav Shurygin.

Valentin Filippov: Hello, Vladislav. It happened to watch to me a meeting of the UN Security Council. The representative of Ukraine, telling many nonsenses, obviously showing unavailability of Ukraine to any dialogue, constantly I repeated DPR and LPR. But never I designated the DPR and LPR "terrorist organizations". Even comments of the Ukrainian users, they have been revolted. How it so?

Vladislav Shurygin: It is possible to force and shout "tomorrow war", but the Ukrainian society, judging by his reaction to the appeared certain movie about Banderos which has just failed in a hire, it was scary tired of war, it doesn't want about her to hear, the nobility.

on the other hand, in general, can't be forgotten. Because it is the main engine of the Ukrainian policy and the producer of those nishtyak which Ukraine receives as the main anti-Russian state for today in Europe.

is already obvious to All that there is no military solution. And the political solution is very long time ago drowned by impossibility of implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

Therefore, the DPR and LPR very slowly creeps out as the Republic of Turkey Cyprus which, it seems, nobody recognizes, but he half a century safely exists.

Valentin Filippov: The remarkable representative of Ukraine at the same meeting of the Security Council has told that Russia has taken and holds seven million citizens of Ukraine. I have imagined how each our serviceman protects seven Ukrainians and doesn't let them anywhere.

Vladislav Shurygin: Why do you reveal a secret? Our cellars are filled by Ukrainians who create to us that economic miracle which nobody can understand how in the conditions of sanctions Russia manages to develop. All this our prisoners sitting in cellars Ukrainians. And you here so for the whole world. It isn't necessary.

Valentin Filippov: I won't be. To more practical questions. There was an exchange of seamen which Ukraine doesn't consider exchange, it says that "we have just achieved from invaders of release of our seamen, and nobody held the Russian seamen".

isn't clear Yet that with captains. Ukraine "North", it seems, has confiscated.

It will defuse tensions in the Sea of Azov? Or early to say to us that we have achieved what was wanted from Ukraine?

Vladislav Shurygin: No, not in the least will remove nothing. Just it to some extent discharges ammunition which could explode just about. And to blow up strongly. Because violent keeping of citizens is always a reason for further tension. Besides, in



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