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The singer Glyukoza told about the strangest gifts in life

The singer gave an interview in the Gentle Editor project.

Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova better known as Glucose, came to an interview to Tatyana Mingalimova.

In the Gentle Editor project which represents something like the female version of the project of Yury Dudya "Vdud" can be asked sensitive and not most convenient issues.

So "the gentle editor Tanechka" asked Glucose on its experience of the romantic relations with girls, the most unusual gifts and the relations with drugs.

according to Natalya, drugs did not interest it even in those days when to get them did not make any work. "We hung out at entrances, listened to music, we wanted some thrills, consciousness change, - she told. - It is good that this wave did not overflow me - my many schoolmates are dead now".

Glucose expressed the relations with girls extremely laconically - she told simply "not mine", but a story about an unusual gift attracted a keen interest of audience.

U I were private-courses therefore there was nobody to hesitate of

according to it, once the friend presented it for birthday courses of "increase in sexual qualification". Glucose overcame constraint not at once and some time listened to the teacher with doubts, however then understood that in training in sexy practicians there is nothing shameful.

Ya left it, and I had such state! There was such feeling that I can do everything! It very much lifts an internal self-assessment - my internal goddess made triple toe loop. I still returned then, by the way - to fix material. I consider that it needs to be formed too - how to feel pleasure.

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