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The short mustache has gone to England behind money

The short mustache has gone to England behind money
The duel from Tony Belyyu will become good check for the all-around champion of the world.

of Really big boxing wasn't several weeks, but he has returned. On Saturday, November 10, in Manchester Alexander Usik and Tony Belyyu will meet.

British will try to take away from the Ukrainian all four belts of the world champion in the first heavy weight, but to make it it will be not really simple.

Are necessary each other

Right after fight with Murat Gassiyev in July Usik has said that he intends to pass into heavy weight. Then, at the Moscow press conference, the surname of Belyyu as future opponent has for the first time sounded. It was initially supposed that children will meet in the heavy weight where recently British successfully acts. But as a result have decided to have fight in "kruzerveyta" that is logical.

That boxers have met on a ring, they have to interest each other. Usik and Belyyu's fight in the first heavy weight - an example of how two athletes have found each other. For British fight with Usik - rather sports history, than commercial.

For a duel with the Ukrainian who isn't speaking English and not really untwisted in Great Britain he will receive much less, than for duels with Dillian Whyte or Derek Chisora, not to mention fights with Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua. By the way, because Usik - not a star in England, fight also it has been decided to carry out not in London on Wembley, and on rather small "Manchester to the Arena".

of Belyyu in this duel attract not so much money, how many an opportunity to beat the best fighter of the planet and to become the all-around champion of the world. To win all four belts for one fight - chance which drops out time in life, and that in exceptional cases.

At Usik a situation other. He only in the last three fights began to receive the royalties which it is possible to call averages with great reserve. All thanks to the World superseries (WBSS). Before he earned kopeks. His fee for title fight with Krzysztof Glowacki has made about 50 thousand dollars. This money should be divided into all team still. For the Olympic champion and the world champion it is simply ridiculous.

For quite some time now at Usik has appeared an opportunity to earn much more, and he doesn't want to miss her. Eddie Hearn, the promoter Belyyu and many other British boxers, pays perfectly. It is impossible to tell that money - the only motivation of the Ukrainian, but one of the main. He and doesn't hide it. At him the big family, a part it lives in Kiev, another - in the Crimea, all should be fed.

of Perestuchat and to don't pass

Besides money in fight with Belyyu Usik will get valuable experience before transition to heavy weight. British isn't similar to those with whom he fought before. With Gassiyev he has nothing in common at all. With Mayris Briyedis and Marko Hook - almost anything. Belyyu is not a nokauter, this is the boxer of classical style, not really various, but very qualitatively doing what is able.

the Main combination of Belyyu - "right a straight line - left side". To her he has cut down David Hay in the previous duel. But Tony is not the swordsman, he д



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