Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

The serial thief was left on freedom

In July, 2017 to the female resident of Akimovsky district the court has appointed administrative supervision which she has broken in August, having left the place of the accommodation. The reasons not to report to police about departure at the woman were quite explainable - she has gone to criminal tours to Kirillovka, and then and to Melitopol.

On Motor base in the resort community she has stolen one and a half thousand hryvnias and the credit card which she couldn't use from the vacationer.

In Melitopol on September 18th the girl has visited sports school No. 3 where she in a locker room has pulled out the mobile phone and earphones with a total cost of 3,2 thousand hryvnias from a pocket of jeans of the child.

Having inspired by good luck, the thief has again visited child care facility. On October 5 the younger school of a gymnasium No. 19 became an object. There she has stolen a purse in which there were 120 hryvnias and the mobile phone worth 2900 from the tutor.

Approximately in a month the criminal, on November 3rd, having a rest in cafe, I have got acquainted with the man who has taken her to himself home. In the morning the young man has found out that his new acquaintance has disappeared, having taken with himself phone, the laptop and cash of 800 hryvnias. Total amount of damage was more than 5 thousand.

on December 3 the 2017th, being in "Chebureks-house" she has asked the young man to use phone which I haven't returned. Gadget cost - 3320 UAH
the Last from episodes known to police has happened in January of the 2018th. Having visited on a visit, the girl hasn't left without "souvenirs" again. This time two inexpensive mobile phones, with a total cost of 1100 hryvnias became her production.

On it career of the thief has come to the end and she has gone has appeared before justice. To the criminal the Melitopol gorrayonny court has shown surprising softness. In spite of the fact that the girl has committed a number of crimes without having served the previous sentence, she was left on freedom.

Court has considered that the defendant is positively characterized at the place of residence, brings up the juvenile daughter and now is pregnant again.

is appointed by Her the term of imprisonment of 5 years, with a trial period 3 years.



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