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The security guard spread in the Instagram? tasty? пердеж - has also been dismissed!

The management has appeared without sense of humour.

All of us know that the Internet is a place where it is possible to see anything, but this guy just number one on the level of resourcefulness and intelligence.

At work he was engaged in the fact that he masterly produced gases and wrote down this sound, LADbible tells. Now it is dismissed by

. Call

the inventor Dag - though he published the videos under a pseudonym Paul Flart - and he worked as the security guard in New Jersey hospital. His workplace was in a lobby, and his second duty (besides protection of an order) was to greet visitors with a smile and a friendly greeting.

during the next change with Dag has condescended enlightenment. Here is how all this has begun: "In a lobby excellent acoustics, and, naturally, sometimes I couldn't keep and loudly broke wind. Once I have made it so loudly that I itself was surprised and have decided to write down it for others". (It is better for thin natures to refrain from viewing). It also was the beginning of his glory. His friends laughed loudly and have told that it is healthy therefore he has to share it with masses. He has begun to publish these terrible sounds as Paul Flart in the Instagram entitled by "The Fart Authority".

However, popularity has brought Dag. When his tricks became known to the administration, an Internet star have asked to return a badge and a form, and have reported that more he in hospital doesn't work (people without sense of humour, it is obvious).

What will be done next by Paul Flart? Whether it is possible to earn, publishing bunches in the Internet? Answer to this question almost for certain "yes".

Dag has begun to improve the product and makes all efforts, improving graphic design and quality of video.

Is possible, it will improve also the equipment - for example, will begin to sing popular songs? Who knows!

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