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The science has explained what happens to your body when you control every day breath

"Breath... Exhalation...".

We, people, breathe more than 20 000 times a day. If our air supply isn't turned off, we won't pay to this generally automatic process much attention. But we have to


Each breath which we accept fills each one trillion cells of our body with life. Breath also deletes harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) to help to keep us in live.

Controlled breath is considered a fundamental element in many ancient traditions, including meditation and yoga.

For example, ancient yogis trusted in the curative force of breath. Both Buddhists, and yogis have taught the pupils to exact methodology by means of which they had to inhale and exhale - together with justification of deliberate breath.

of Yoga and Buddhists were far outside the time. As it has appeared, the correct breath "counteracts adverse clinical effects of a stress at violations, including a hypertension, concern, insomnia and aging".

In this article we will talk about controlled breath, about what the science has opened and how to carry out two methods of controlled breath. These methods simple, fast and changing life!

Here that occurs when you control breath!

"Controlled breath - one of ways to cause reaction to relaxation as it activates your parasympathetic nervous system that, in turn, can slow down a warm rhythm and digestion that will help you to feel safe". ~ Doctor Joseph Merkola: "Also repeat a breath, an exhalation".

Diafragmalny breath
Breath as you probably already know, is the voluntary and involuntary answer. If heart pumps up blood and the brain functions, we will automatically breathe.

However many of us don't breathe "correctly". Most of us has a congenital tendency to chest breath - or to superficial breath.

instead we have to breathe a stomach that is called diafragmalny breath. When we consciously are engaged in diafragmalny practice of breath, it is called controlled breath.

That such controlled breath?

Controlled breath has to be conscious. Controlled breath also is practice with some extreme potential advantages to health, including healthier bodies, the best work of a brain, increase in energy, health of cages and many other things.

the Most part of health from controlled breath is direct result of control of reaction to endurance of a body. As you know

, your body has the mechanism of "battle or flight" (FoF) which is activated when it is under a stress. Our far ancestors had to fight against many threats: wild animals, hunger, diseases, etc. of

it is natural as people evolved, we became more the "conceiving" being. This fact is shown in development of prefrontal cortex of a brain (PFC) which is responsible for decision-making,



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