Date: 4 months ago   Category: Health

The schedule of magnetic storms for September, 2018

In September it is necessary to people especially hardly. Problems consist not only in space influence, but also need to come back to the former mode after the holidays.

of All in September will occur four magnetic storms.

on September 1-10: average on power.

on September 6: high extent of influence.

on September 26: a strong storm with noticeable consequences for health.

on September 27-30: weak influence.

it is necessary to be Especially careful in days of strong space influence as exacerbation of chronic diseases or essential breakdown is possible.

Doctors note that at meteodependent people pulse quite often becomes frequent, arterial blood pressure rises, insomnia, apathy and concern are observed.

In a risk zone especially elderly people. At the slightest deterioration in a state it is recommended or to take the corresponding medicine, or to call the ambulance. doctors advise

for magnetic storms not to overload an organism, to refuse alcohol, to refuse heavy food and to have basic drugs in a stock. As a rule, weak magnetic storms don't exert any impact on an organism.



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