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The Russian snatched on the priest with acid: the man is saved by doctors, details

The Russian poured over the priest acid at once after a confession
the Russian poured the priest's acid after a confession.

the Dignitary is with heavy burns in hospital, attacking detained.

the Citizen of the Russian Federation attacked with acid the priest. the 59-year-old priest only stopped listening to a confession in the Cathedral when the woman poured over it acid.

the Priest is in intensive care with serious chemical burns on the face, hands and shoulders now.

detained the Woman and closed, there did not arrive the police yet.

Law enforcement authorities did not find out possible motives of the attack yet, but local media pointed that the woman had on herself a t-shirt with the image of a fruit in mother's womb which shows indecent gesture.

the Press secretary of police said that the citizen of Russia was the forward.

the Incident occurred in Catholic cathedral of the capital of Nicaragua, the city of Managua.

In the Nicaraguan media note that attack happened in hard time for Catholic church in Nicaragua. The government sharply criticizes church for a role which she played at the beginning of antistate protests in April.

Hundreds of people died in collisions between protesters and security forces.

of Church became a shelter for oppositional activists, and at times even got to a siege from pro-government forces. Earlier we reported

about the death of the Kherson activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk over which poured acid.

the Girl died because of break of blood clot. She was 33 years old.

Gandzyuk gave Information on death in community "Who Ordered Katya Gandzyuk" in Facebook.

"Katya died. Details will be later. The request not to disturb relatives. Friends within a day will provide more information", - it is said in the statement. we Will remind

, on July 31 in Kherson the unknown splashed acid in a face to the employee of the City Council Ekaterina Gandzyuk. Attack happened at 8:30 in the morning near the house the activist. It is connected with its professional activity
the Woman got 35% of burns of skin and strong injury of the left eye.

are suspected Of commission of attempt five people, all of them are the former participants of ATO. It is Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, Victor Gorbunov, Vladimir Vasyanovich, Sergey Torbin and Nikita Grabchuk. Everything, except Torbin, admitted deeds.




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