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The Russian oligarch Fuchs has obtained new licenses for a subsoil in Ukraine

Public service of geology and subsoil without competition has increased license areas for the Ist Yuroup Petroleum company of the Russian businessman Paweê Fuchs.

is told About it in the draft of the agenda of a meeting of the Commission on questions of subsurface use of Public service of geology and a subsoil which is at the disposal of the EDS.

According to the document, the commission on August 30 mentioned has made about ten decisions, including has provided special permissions to use of natural resources to a number of the companies.

In addition as it is noted in the document, "has got special permissions to use of natural resources according to the subparagraph of the second point 8 of the Order LLC Ist Yuroup Petroleum.

Is about the Order of granting special permissions to use of natural resources. The second subparagraph 8 of point of the Order means that Paweê Fuchs's company has got permission to expansion to 50% of the subsoil plots which are earlier provided to him in use. The procedure of expansion of sites of a competition doesn't provide. the Commission Gosgeonedr has provided to

permissions to expansion of such objects: The Klyushnikovsky, Seigniorial and Chapayevsk, Druzhininsky, Mayorovsky, Southern Svistunkovsky areas (all - Poltava region).

besides, the Commission Gosgeonedr had to make changes to permissions to use of LLC Ist Yuroup Petroleum of the site at Flerovsko-Yubileynoy Square, according to the draft of the agenda. About what changes there is a speech, it is unknown.

B Gosgeonedrakh so far haven't answered question EDS of granting permissions of LLC Ist Yuroup Petroleum yet.

also became known Earlier that one more firm which is connected with Paweê Fuchs - LLC Price-Company - has got permission to development of gas fields on the Kharkiv region.

So, on August 30 deputies of the Kharkiv regional council have coordinated LLC Nayer Company and LLC Price Company granting a subsoil in use for the purpose of geological studying, including trial development, with the subsequent oil production, natural gas, condensate.

of LLC Nayer Company has received a subsoil in use in the territory of Mazharovskaya Square, and LLC Price Company was received by a subsoil in the territory of Filenkovsko-Chernyakhovskaya Square.

the Question has appeared in the agenda of a regional council a day before the meeting.

Earlier also Poltava regional council has given special permissions to extraction of hydrocarbons to already mentioned LLC Ist Yuroup Petroleum.

Ist Yuroup Petroleum have been created on the basis of other scandalous company "Golden Derrick". In 2011 this company on an out-of-competition basis has been given more than two tens special permissions to use of natural resources. The company was connected with the ex-Minister of Energy Eduard Stavitsky, the former head Minagropolitiki Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk and Alexander Yanukovych.

After change of the power in 2014 the company have deprived of special permissions. However, in 2016-2017 after more than two years of judicial proceedings the Golden Derrick company has returned itself the right for development Ukrainian gas месторожд



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