Date: 4 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Russian konsultstvo of the Russian Federation in Kharkiv underwent the massive attack (video)

The protest action against the Russian threat took place at the building of Consulate General of the Russian Federation that on Maksimilianovskaya Street in the center of Kharkiv.

Opposite to the building under a pouring rain gathered more than one hundred activists of National Case and the far-right organization "Traditions and Order". In hands at them - flags with symbolics of the organizations and also posters which main appeals "Release the Ukrainian seamen captivated in the sea" and "Consulate General of the country aggressor - go away from Kharkiv!". From time to time participants chant: "Glory to Ukraine - to Heroes glory!", "Glory of the nation - death to enemies!", "Death to an aggressor - glory to Ukraine!".

Within the performance which took place here activists started three tens paper ships on rain streams, symbolizing thereby support to the Ukrainian military seamen.

Participants of the action also threw Consulate General bottles with the red liquid which left a trail of blood on a wall and eggs. When towards the building fusees departed, the fir-tree in the yard lit up, smoke shrouded the street. The place of an action was approached right there by the fire truck, measures are taken, extinguished a fir-tree.

In Kharkiv threw Consulate General of Russia of eggs / Photo: Madiyevsky Vyacheslav. Ukrinform
As told
the leader of the National Case organization Konstantin Nemichev, participants of the action demand to declare martial law in the country. "It should not be formal

, and - actually. Also we demand to stop any diplomatic and economic relations with the country aggressor and to nationalize all enterprises belonging to the Russian owners", - Nemichev emphasized.




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