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The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the USA of "an information and propaganda campaign" in connection with withdrawal from the treaty about rockets

The decision on withdrawal of the USA from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is connected with desire of Washington to have tools for the power pressure upon opponents around the world, consider in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

the United States are engaged in the promotion connected with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). On February 11 said it in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Russian Federation.

"Trying to justify the destructive decision on withdrawal from the treaty on the INF Treaty, the USA untwists an information and propaganda campaign which basis is made by unfair interpretations and frank conjectures. Besides unscrupulous attempts to shift responsibility to Russia, the value and validity of long-term Russian concerns concerning implementation of the agreement by Washington is purposely belittled", - it is said in the comment.

the Russian diplomats consider that the American side throws "unreliable information about development and content of dialogue in counter claims".

"In publications and the statements of the American officials, in particular, is claimed that Russia "instead of reacting to the reasons of concern of the USA under the INF Treaty, began to put forward own claims". Everything was exactly on the contrary. Americans for the first time sounded charges to Russia in 2013. Whereas the question of use by the Pentagon in a way of so-called "rockets targets" contradicting the Contract was raised by Russia since 1999, and we bring up the subject of shock unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) since the beginning of the 2000th years", - noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In the Russian statement of the USA are accused of attempt "to reshuffle the facts, clumsily justifying the decision to finally break the INF Treaty". In the Russian Foreign Ministry consider that "for torpedoing of the Contract it was headed by Americans long ago".

"The original reason - desire as much as possible to give itself a free hand, to provide a possibility of use of an unlimited range of military tools for rendering power pressure upon any opponents everywhere in the world", - it is said in the comment of the Russian diplomats.

of the USA declared intention to suspend implementation of the INF Treaty signed in 1987 after emergence on arms of the Russian army of cruise missile 9M729.

the Agreement forbade the parties production of ballistic and cruise nuclear missiles of land basing with a range from 500 km to 5.5 thousand km, their test and expansion. According to Americans, 9M729 was tested on range more than 500 km.

the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Russia to return on December 4, 2018 within 60 days to performance of obligations within the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

In the Kremlin said that withdrawal of the USA from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty can lead to violation of strategic balance in the world.

on February 1, 2019 Pompeo announced withdrawal of the USA from the INF Treaty. The decision will come into force in six months if during this time the Russian Federation does not destroy cruise missiles 9M729 and will not return to выпо



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