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The Russian Federation complained of the hackers collecting data for new the sanction

The Russian company specializing in disclosure of cybercrimes of Group-IB announced detection of hacker groups which allegedly collect for the benefit of other countries of data for imposition of sanctions against citizens of Russia.

After it reports to RBC, with reference to sources.

Is noted that because of finds of hackers there were already "2-3 cases of imposing sanctions" of

"In the territory of Russia several hacker groups which purpose is search of citizens of the Russian Federation, against which it is possible to impose sanctions of the USA and other countries work", - the agency quotes the head of the Group-IB company Ilya Sachkov.

"Their task - to fill up sanctions American lists, but not to steal money from bank. Absolutely other purpose of the attack", - he added.

according to him, in the world exists several pro-government hacker groups collecting information on certain people and structures which can be used for replenishment of sanctions lists of the different countries, and not just the USA and the EU.

according to sources, hackers get into banks, allegedly to reveal their clients against whom it would be possible to impose sanctions.

"They study first of all their accounts and also volumes and the directions of transactions", - he noted.

Similar information was confirmed to the agency and by other interlocutor in the sphere of cyber security.

at the same time is reported that the unit manager of the Central Bank on cyber security of "FINTSERT" Artem Kalashnikov refused to comment on this subject, and the press service did not respond to official request.

"Did not begin to bring information on specific cases of the hacker attacks in Russia for the purpose of imposition of sanctions into Group-IB", - it is told in the publication.

Is reported that hacker groups work not only in Russia.

added To the companies that they in top-3 countries of origin of the most active pro-government hacker groups enter China, North Korea and Iran.



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