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The Russian collectors publish pornographic collages with the debtor's child

In Khabarovsk collectors have extended in the Internet pornographic collages with the image of the schoolgirl whose father has taken 19 thousand rubles in two microfinancial organizations and couldn't repay a debt.

has told Guberniya TV channel About it mother of the debtor of Tatyana Polonik. The Investigative Committee has begun verification of this information, has reported regional management of SK.

according to Polonik, her son has taken a debt in the spring of 2018.

"As detained salary, it couldn't give this money in time, and threats have begun. At first phone calls for days on end and nights, and then personally to me came sms: "Tan, we will burn you"", - she has told.

of Threat also arrived his daughters. From friends the woman has learned that on the Internet pornographic photocollages with her minor granddaughter have appeared.

"You don't understand the serious situation. Here your life and life of your grandma on a game, and all this because of yours daddy. Take an interest why he doesn't repay a debt and hides behind your back. Your life will be intolerable", - it was said in one of messages. the Representative of the collection agency has said

to the debtor that if they immediately agree about payment of a debt, collectors will apologize and his daughter is rehabilitated before all to whom have sent a collage. The fragment of an audio recording of their conversation has lost TV channel in air.

Victims have complained in police.



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