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The ROC is waited by isolation - Evstraty Zorya

- How to regard threats from ROC towards Constantinople?

- the Forecasts expected as this continuation of that line which the Moscow patriarchy conducts in the orthodox relations in general and relationship with the Constantinople patriarchy in particular. And they do it even not in recent years, and in fact from time of restoration of the Moscow patriarchy by the Stalin government in 1943 (by the way, 75 years of this restoration of the Moscow patriarchy just the other day are executed). Since then tension between Moscow and Constantinople amplified, grew, then abated, then again amplified.

- Why has chosen as MT such strategy?

- Moscow as the largest orthodox church now, constantly tries to win first place in world Orthodoxy. That is that place which historically and traditionally belongs to the Constantinople patriarchy. It is obvious that Constantinople, knowing intentions and moods which the Moscow patriarchy has within decades, expected such reaction and is ready to it.

It just as in secular or state traditions there is severance of diplomatic relations between the countries. If Moscow announces a gap, we predict that it will remain one, at most with several allied churches. it can do

For development of the Ukrainian church situation even will not so much negative how many positive because it will accelerate the final decision of the Ukrainian church question. It something reminds crisis during a disease - when exacerbation of a disease eventually leads to improvement of a state and final treatment.

- We have already got used that the Russian Federation often passes from simple threats to certain actions. What these actions can be?

- So far what they could make they have already made. Those threats which they could realize, they have realized. Something extraordinary, absolutely unexpected - it is difficult to predict because it is necessary to consider still that reaction which was in the Russian Federation, say, on sanctions which were imposed against her because of occupation of the Crimea, because of invasion to Donbass.

We see that in response to it Russia entered so-called countersanctions which actually limited her. And therefore the most probable succession of events is that the Moscow patriarchy will self-insulate from the relations with the Constantinople patriarchy and other orthodox world. Also will proceed so, so far the present management - both Kremlin, and church - will be in power. And it, from historical prospect, absolutely not for long.

- to Wait for something like the Religious procession? there Is no

-. There will be attempts to kindle hostility, there will be attempts to do some provocations. Actually, the same as it was in 2014. Because after the Advantage Revolution, after Yanukovych's escape there were attempts to declare that they to Laurus have taken and have crushed that someone tries to occupy by force temples of the Moscow patriarchy, and so forth. But all of us are will reduce



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