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The robotic pizzeria of Zume with Dmitry Grishin's investments has attracted $375 million at assessment more than $2 billion

The company has learned to prepare "on the run", the investor hopes to bring its technologies into Russia.

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the Californian service of delivery of Zume Pizza pizza which uses robots in kitchen I have attracted $375 million. The company has notified the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on it.

"Recently we have closed a financing round for maintenance of growth and hiring of employees", - the co-founder and the CEO of Zume Alex Garden has reported to WSJ. He has refused additional comments. Also have come to SoftBank. Zume builds a new hybrid of Uber and Starbucks on wheels. Their main counter is in what they have learned to prepare during delivery.

First, to you bring pizza not that which has been baked 30-40 minutes or an hour ago, and have baked it in five minutes before. Secondly, pizza turns out healthier as it isn't necessary to add any more preservatives which add now to keep taste as long as possible for the period of delivery.

Pizza turns out quicker, cheaper and healthier. If it works, that it will be the largest revolution in the sphere of food which happened. Dmitry Grishin

the founder of Grishin Robotics Zume Pizza uses

robots for the solution of routine tasks in kitchen - for example, cars worth from $25 thousand to $35 thousand everyone smear sauce according to the test and put pizza in the furnace.

the Company has also developed technology, the allowing furnace pizza in way - by means of the furnaces with remote control installed in delivery machines. The technology is designed to increase efficiency of delivery, Zume plans to sell it to other restaurants. With her help they will be able quickly to organize distribution of food in those points where demand is higher, Grishin argues: for example, at a football match or in residential quarters in the day off. "Instead of delivery for half an hour restaurants will have a delivery in five minutes", - Grishin summarizes.

of Zume Pizza works since April, 2016, but hasn't gone out of California yet. Grishin hopes that the Zume technology in the future will be able to work worldwide, including in Russia, but has refrained from forecasts about terms.



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