Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The resident of Rostov-on-Don because of a post in VKontakte has appeared in police

The number of detainees for the "wrong" understanding of freedom of speech grows.

was necessary to offer to Rostovchanin explanations in a police station for hate speech about the Russian power and the Russian people in general though he called nobody for anything and offended nobody.

the 18-year-old resident of Rostov-on-Don has reported that on August 23 in the place of his registration the police officer has come, and 24 numbers he was called by the unknown and have invited to come for a conversation into office No. 1. About what the speech will go calling hasn't reported, but has warned that in case of refusal there will arrive the operations group.

the Guy claims that the conversation has begun with threats and moral pressure. "At once have begun a moral press and threats: "At Stalin you would be beaten already!". Said that will set on me to whether an antif, whether Nazis-kolovratov", - he has told. Then police officers have decided to find out whether he is "fascist".

Has turned out that in police the guy has appeared because of a post in VKontakte on which the complaint has arrived. Later he has removed him. In the message nothing reprehensible was. The resident of Rostov has just shared the reflections about the events in Russia, as has specified in explanatory for police, having referred to the fact that "the country at us free and I have the right".

After explanations of the young man have released.

about it in the police don't give Any comments.

of VKontakte have already expressed concern in actions of law enforcement agencies which "have opened hunting" on users. The management of the company promised to take additional measures for protection of privacy of the users.



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