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The quantum random number generator for improvement of methods of enciphering is licensed

The Qrypt company licensed the innovative technology of information security from Okridzhsky national laboratory aimed at effective protection against cyber attacks including those that are aimed at quantum calculations.

of Qrypt will use a quantum random number generator of Okridzhsky national laboratory (ORNL), or just QRNG, in the already existing platform of enciphering. At the same time for creation of unique and unpredictable keys of enciphering and also almost completely safe communications the built-in quantum accident will be involved.

Emergence of quantum calculations offers fundamentally new approach to the solution of some most complex and pressing problems. At the same time they will make present methods of enciphering useless that, in turn, demands reconsideration of data protection on a quantum basis.

"The cryptography developed by us is based on the real quantum sources of entropy, and is mathematically proved that even in the theory she is impregnable, - Denis Mandich, the technical director of Qrypt says. - Until recently this class of technologies was inaccessible in the scales necessary for enciphering of Internet and data. Simple complication of cryptographic algorithms has once again proved to be from not the best party".

the Research ORNL is the cornerstone of hybrid approach of Qrypt: combination of the quantum and physical equipment with post-quantum cryptographic algorithms and ON.

"We expect reliable and productive partnership from one of the leading laboratories of the country while we develop safe computing technologies", - Mandich adds.

One of ways of successful enciphering is possible by means of coding of messages any keys of enciphering. In other words, there are no real chances that the exact sequence of keys can be generated more than once.

to receive ideal quantum accident, the coauthor of ORNL Raphael Puser and his colleagues from departments of quantum sounding, calculations and communications have developed the quantum random number generator defining existence and characteristics of electromagnetic waves - photons, - let out by a light source.

"Are made quadrillions of photons which then pass through a beam divider, - Puser tells. - Unlike other QRNG technologies, our method doesn't demand that we waited until there is a separate photon, but, on the contrary, allows us to use the general statistics of their large number (photons. - Bus comment) ".

the ORNL Device can register and measure quantum statistics of the photons which are in the field and uses each of them as a basis for creation of really unique keys of enciphering which can't be deciphered or foreseen.

of Qrypt the technician and technologies of enciphering among which - the card or the chip for fast enciphering of big data sets will include ORNL technology in "suite" quantum and steady. Information protected by this technology will be impregnable



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