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The psychological mark is passed: the dollar has sharply risen in price

For today, on August 29, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has established such rates of the main foreign currencies to hryvnia:

1 US dollar - 28,05 UAH;

of 1 euro - 32,84 UAH;

of 10 Russian rubles - 4,16 UAH
Thus, in comparison with yesterday's values dollar exchange rate has raised for 17 kopeks, transfers Today. Above a psychological mark of 28 hryvnias the "official" dollar didn't rise since January 31, 2018. The day before, on August 28, dollar exchange rate has passed for 28 hryvnias also on Mezhbank and in the cash foreign exchange market.

Euro exchange rate has raised for 41 kopeks at once. So highly euro exchange rate didn't rise since February 28, 2018.

the Cost of 10 Russian rubles has raised for three kopeks.

On Monday, August 27, dollar exchange rate in the interbank foreign exchange market of Ukraine has grown by 10 kopeks in purchase and on sale. So, the non-cash American currency was trading at the level of 27,92/27,98 UAH (purchase/sale). The cost of euro was established on marks of 32,52/32,59 UAH, having increased for 31-32 kopeks. Today's trading hasn't begun yet.

Before the NBU has officially explained rise of dollar exchange rate in Ukraine. Besides, experts have predicted what will be dollar exchange rate in the fall and have advised Ukrainians how to keep savings in the conditions of devaluation of hryvnia:

Forecasts of the dollar exchange rate
According to the basic scenario of the three-year Budgetary resolution, in 2018 an average annual rate of hryvnia is predicted at the level of 29,3 UAH/dollars, in 2019 - 30,5 UAH/dollars, and in 2020 - 31 UAH/dollars. But in the budget for 2018 it is specified that calculations were made, proceeding from a rate of 30,1 UAH/dollars. At the same time both in the Ministry of Finance, and assure of the NBU - this course isn't the forecast therefore it is necessary to perceive him only as the technical indicator taken for calculations for the sake of creation of "safety cushion".

the Strategy of management of a public debt of Ukraine assumes strengthening of a rate of hryvnia in 2019 up to 29,4 UAH/dollars after 30,1 UAH/dollars which are expected in 2018. In 2020 depreciation of hryvnia up to 30,2 UAH/dollars
According to the "Forecast of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2019-2021" developed in the Ministry of Economic Development is expected, following the results of 2018 depreciation of hryvnia from 28,1 UAH/dollars to 28,5 UAH/dollars (plus or minus 1 UAH) with the subsequent easing to 29,4 UAH/dollars (plus or minus 2 UAH) for the end of 2019 is expected. By calculations of MEDT, the hryvnia devaluates up to 30,7 UAH/dollars (plus or minus 2 UAH) by the end of 2021.

In National Bank recognized: the hryvnia will decrease, but the speech about dollar on 40 hryvnias doesn't go.

For 2015 hryvnia has depreciated by one and a half times, for 2016 - devaluated for 12,9%, and for 2017 the rate of national currency has weakened for only 3%.

the Historical maximum of an official dollar exchange rate - 30,01 UAH - has been reached in February, 2015. A record of an official euro exchange rate in Ukraine - 35,66 UAH - will reach of January 26, 2018.

According to "the index of Big Mac", dollar in Ukraine has to cost 8,9 hryvnias.



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