Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The prosecutor's office called the murderer of the ex-deputy of the Sumy City Council of the Bug

The former deputy of City council of Sumy Anatoly Zhuk was killed by his widow. Such these investigations were published by prosecutor's office of Sumshchina

About it transfers Espreso.TV TV channel.

have found on August 2 the man shot in own yard.

Law enforcement authorities considered several versions of this crime: from domestic murder and to commission of attack because of professional activity.

the murderer is called Now - the widow of the dead. That day she at first has sent the daughter to the mother, and then has set fire to the house where the man slept. And later, when the politician has extinguished a flame and has laid down to have a rest on the street, the woman has seized the opportunity and has three times shot in Zhuk with a gun while he had a rest. On clothes of the suspect have found traces of shots.

Further she has run away with the driver lover to Russia where she sought a political asylum.




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