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The Privatbank got to scandal with loss of money: important prevention

One of clients told about an egregious example. He accused Privatbank of excess of office powers and extortion. Such complaint appeared on the website of the Ministry of Finance, transfers politeka.

Dissatisfied the Ukrainian made scandal because of illegal actions from bank. According to him, the staff of the organization blocked the account of the business owner, having reasoned the actions with the existing debt. Privatbank called it "internal arrest".

according to the client, commercial or other organizations including banks, have no legitimate right for blocking of means. It noted that the actions Privatbank itself prevents the debtor to repay the collected percent. The author noted that debt was formed because of bank too.

"Sharaga the ATB level, or other bakery undertakes too much. Employees absolutely got a false idea that they something can really solve and decide destinies of people" - the man was indignant. - "I advise nobody in general to communicate with Privat Bankom in service of natural persons, as well as in service of business owners or legal entities. Otherwise at once your money will just steal приват bank referring to the internal rules and terms of service.... Do not communicate with Privat Bankom, after you do not ogrebtsya problems".

Representatives of bank answered the dissatisfied client a response. They expressed disappointment concerning a pronounced negative to the organization.

One more scandal story happened to the user under nickname Nasty5. It needed to fill up the card urgently. On February 7 the client decided to bring cash of 9 thousand hryvnias via the terminal. The car absorbed notes, but did not enlist money for the account. Since then the user cannot return the means.

Dmitry Dmitriyev complained Earlier of a problem which he faced because of actions of Privatbank. He uses the map about 10 years, but the credit institution does not appreciate old clients and neglects trust.

of Muzhchin shared that for long usage time of the card Privatbank raised to it a credit limit to 15 thousand hryvnias. The citizen spent all proceeds of credit and several years could not pay off.

Having repaid the debt, the client at once reduced a limit to zero. And soon payment by parts was necessary for it. It became clear that at a zero limit, the service is inaccessible. Then the client decided to raise a limit of the card to 500 UAH, but refused Privatbank. He noted that he did not bring the company with the much bigger sum of the credit earlier.



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