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The prices of new Mercedes GLE are announced

Mercedes announced the prices of new GLE which will appear in England and then in other markets, since are eternal 2019. Will offer clients two versions of the SUV, the Mercedes GLE 300d model at the price from? 55,685 ($70,958), and the Mercedes GLE 450 version will cost clients at the price from? 62,300 ($79,387).

In the Mercedes GLE 300d version is used the 2,0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, 245 hp and 500 Nanometers of torque, capable to disperse from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,2 seconds, to gather the maximum speed of 225 km/h, the average consumption of diesel fuel makes 6,1 liters on 100 km of a way, emissions of CO2 are equal to 162 g/km.

the Mercedes GLE 450 Version is equipped with flexible hybrid transmission which combines the 3,0-liter six-cylinder engine with strengthening of EQ, 367 hp and 500 Nanometers of torque, capable to disperse from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,7 seconds, to gather the maximum speed of 250 km/h, the average consumption of gasoline makes 8,4 liters on 100 km of a way, emissions of CO2 are equal to 191 g/km.

New GLE will be equipped with the seven-seater configuration offered in a basic equipment of the GLE 450 model. Other standard characteristics of the petrol version include a pneumatic pendant of Airmatic, electrically adjustable back seats and the automatic four-zonal system of climate control.

All options of new Mercedes GLE also receive a set of 12,3-inch digital displays for Dashboard, the latest information and entertaining MBUX system with activation of a voice "Hey Mercedes", Napp's skin, Blind Spot Assist, 20-inch wheels of AMG from aluminum alloy, wooden finishing by an oak and many other things inside.

will also be offered Clients a package of options; Premium package? 1,995 ($2,542) includes multibeam light-emitting diodes, wireless charging and the assistant on the parking with the camera 360 degrees. The Premium Plus package adds the system of volume sounding Burmester, the system of aromas and filters of a cabin, a remote key and the panoramic hatch on a roof for? 4,295 ($5,473).

Besides, a delivery set for GLE 450 can be expanded for the sum? 1,695 ($2,160), offering the additional off-road modes of the movement, regulation of speed of descent and protection of the bottom on all length of the vehicle.



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