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The prices of heating in Kiev will grow

The utility company of Kiyevteploenergo suggests to raise since December 1 tariffs for production of thermal energy for combined heat and power plant for 32% for the population - to 1038 UAH 80 kopeks/Gcal, and by 2,7 times for the religious organizations - to 1302 UAH 87 kopeks/Gcal. The corresponding project of tariffs is published on the website of the enterprise for public discussion.

"Correction of tariffs of combined heat and power plant for production in thermal energy for categories of consumers "population" and "the religious organizations" is caused by establishment since November 1, 2018 of the price of natural gas for all categories of consumers according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of October 19, 2018 No. 867", - it is said in the statement.

a tariff for the population makes Now 785 UAH 94 kopeks/Gcal, for the religious organizations - 478 UAH 56 kopeks/Gcal.

of the Offer and a remark to the project accept till November 12.

Besides, on the website of Kiyevteploenergo is published the project of tariffs for a holiday electric and production of thermal energy at combined heat and power plant for 2019 according to which the tariff for supply of electricity is offered to be lowered by 23,5% - from 183 UAH 30 kopeks/kWh to 159,80 kopeks/kWh.

At the same time a tariff for production of thermal energy for combined heat and power plant for the population is offered to be raised for 40% (on 317,11 UAH) - to 1103 UAH 05 kopeks/Gcal, the religious organizations - by 2,4 times (on 690,44 UAH) - to 1171 UAH 00 kopeks/Gcal and also to lower for budgetary institutions for 14% (on 165,95 UAH) - up to 1021 UAH 80 kopeks/Gcal, and other consumers for 14% (on 168,53 UAH) - up to 1018 UAH 59 kopeks/Gcal.

As is noted in the draft document, in these tariffs the losses suffered by RC in connection with discrepancy of the market and tariff price of gas for production electric and heat power for all categories of consumers during the period from August to October (inclusive) 2018 are in addition considered. Besides, losses from discrepancy of market and tariff gas price for production of thermal energy for the population and the religious organizations during the period from November to December (inclusive) 2018 are considered. Earlier we wrote

about what tariffs for heat and hot water in Kiev have lowered.



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