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The prices in Europe: than Poland is better than Norway?

PRICES. All consumer set was the cheapest in Bulgaria. Life cost is 44% of average across the EU here. It is also favorable to live in Romania (49%), Poland (53%) and Hungary (58%).

the Most expensive in Europe have appeared Iceland (172%), Switzerland (166%) and Norway (152%). It means that at salaries in 4-5 thousand dollars locals are able to afford only a little more, than Poles and Czechs whose income is three-four times lower.

correspond to the Average European level the prices in Germany, Italy and Spain.

PRODUCTS. The difference in the prices of food isn't so considerable. In the cheapest EU country - Romania - food costs 62% of the average level across Europe. Cheap it is possible to eat also in Poland (65%) with Bulgaria (73%). We will note that all these countries at the prices are approximately flush with Ukraine.

the Most expensive food - in the same Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Here it is 1,6-1,7 times more expensive, than on average in the EU. By the way, all three countries aren't included into the EU, though the are perceived as there "in a board".

In the European Union in respect of the prices of food is unprofitable Denmark (150%), Austria and Sweden differ (on 125%).

High cost of products in Denmark is explained by very high taxes. Because of it residents of the country often go to do shopping to the neighboring Sweden or cheaper Germany.

the Paradox, but Danes - one of the most "full" inhabitants of Europe. The local diet very much калориен also differs in a large number of meat, cheeses and fishes.

the REAL ESTATE and utilities is the most cheaper in Eastern Europe - from 30% to 60% of the average level across the EU. In this region Latvia and Estonia, the most available - Bulgaria and Poland are the most expensive.

In Bulgaria housing and utilities cost by 5-6 times cheaper, than in the most expensive countries of the continent - Switzerland, Great Britain and Denmark. we Will note

that in traditionally expensive Iceland and Norway of the price of housing and public utilities is notable below, than at the leading countries. Norwegians save on heating due to own gas production, and Icelanders receive hot water in cranes and pipes almost for nothing - from geysers. However, in both countries very expensive housing. In Oslo rent of the one-room apartment in one of suburbs costs 600-700 euros. Own house in the convenient area will cost already 2000 euros.

HEALTH CARE the most available in Bulgaria (29% of the average level across the EU), Romania (32%) and Poland (44%). The most expensive - in Switzerland and Iceland (on 200%). The average prices in France and Germany, above an average - in Italy and Great Britain.

The is more developed the country, the higher in her price level. It erases many advantages, and life in Switzerland (the average salary of 5300 dollars) only the little it is better, than in the Czech Republic (1500 dollars). Freedom of self-identification, an opportunity to study, to realize the talents and to live productive life remains a basic difference.



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