Date: 4 months ago   Category: Politics

The president of Austria isn't going to discuss with Putin in Paris the spy scandal

In Austria the colonel working for the Russian intelligence agencies in resignation has been arrested on November 9.

Is reported that the Austrian serviceman holding and after the resignation an important post, has been enlisted more than 20 years ago. on November 10 the suspect has given to

confession. It has become clear that he worked in department of structural planning of the Ministry of Defence of Austria and could know about the content of important negotiations in department.

of Karin Knaysl, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria at which wedding there was Vladimir Putin with the Cossack chorus in the form of a gift to newlyweds has cancelled the visit to Russia planned for December 2 and 3 because of this incident. The federal chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz has called Russia to account.

the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, in principle, didn't deny the fact of espionage, and has just reproached the Austrian side that they have resorted to "megaphone diplomacy". That is, he just was indignant why have announced this arrest publicly - earlier similar ticklish problems were usually solved quietly, privately.

Lavrov's Offense can be understood - in fact, in Europe now only two countries have more or less normal relations with Russia. It is Austria and Italy. Other countries strenuously try to separate from Russia. And now with Austria such scandal.

But so far the president of Austria Van der Bellen has urged not to dramatize a situation concerning the relations with Russia also has told that he isn't going to discuss with Putin in Paris the spy scandal.

Van der Belen has said that it is necessary to wait for the end of investigation when the essence of charges of the arrested becomes clear, and then, on circumstances to take measures.



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