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The presentation of a full frame bezzerkalka of Canon EOS R in Ukraine

The presentation of a full frame bezzerkalka of Canon EOS R in Ukraine
The presented Canon EOS R is a non-reflex camera with a large full frame matrix (Full frame 36&215; 24 mm).

For the Canon company is not just next novelty, but origin of absolutely new system full frame a bezzerkalok with RF bayonet joint.

Having excluded a mirror in the full frame camera to the producer an opportunity to reduce a working piece to 20 mm that, together with the integrated bayonet joint, has allowed to create lenses absolutely of other optical schemes has opened.

At the same size of a lens can make him more high-aperture now or, to make more compact and easy, having kept a svetosila at the previous level.

Together with the Canon EOS R camera have been announced also absolutely new lenses for this camera: Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM, RF 50mm f/1.2L USM, RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM and RF 35mm f/1.8 MACRO IS STM.

Is curious that the Canon EOS R camera isn't positioned as professional, and the lenses here presented are devices of the highest category.

Pay attention to Canon RF 28-70 mm f/2 L USM. It is the first zoom lens for the full frame camera from svetosily F:2,0.

is Also very important that with special EF-EOS R adapters of the camera of the new RF system to which only Canon EOS R belongs so far are compatible to the full park of the existing lenses EF and EF-S for Canon EOS SLR cameras. And, the full functionality remains.

Is good news to owners of photography equipment of Canon, having decided to get a full frame bezzerkalka it will be possible to continue to use already available lenses.

By the way, adapters adapters for mirror lenses is released at once a little. The most basic just allows to install the lens EF or EF-S on the Canon EOS R camera. More advanced it is equipped with also special ring on which it is possible to program change of various parameters. By the way, such ring is present also at the new lenses RF.

is Also provided the adapter where replaceable light filters are installed.

Against the background of active development of the reflex cameras in recent years, is very curious that Canon officially recognized a mirrorless form factor the most perfect and perspective today.

Non-reflex cameras of Canon, but not mirror is the future of the company. Yes, sharp transition won't be, but, apparently, the attention will be will be removed to bezzerkalka more and more.

As for Canon EOS R, this, some kind of, mirrorless analog of the Mark IV Canon EOS 5D reflex camera.

the Matrix very similar - 30-megapixel with technology of an auto focus Dual Pixel CMOS AF. There is a possibility of shooting in the Dual Pixel RAW format.

Shooting of 4K-video is available with a speed up to 30 a shot. / with, Full HD - to the 60th a shot. / with, and HD - to the 120th a shot. / page
the Touch screen of model rotary, and is used very convenient fastening with a set of options of setting up the provision, including option about position of the display in the camera (it is possible to use for protection when transporting or




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