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"The present detective story": everything that it is necessary to know about a new season

The HBO TV channel has confirmed that "The present detective story" will return on screens in January, 2019 - shows have prolonged for the third season. has collected everything that is known of the forthcoming detective story which in the first season has presented to us excellent couple of existentially adjusted cops performed by Met Makkonakhi and Woody Harelson.

have presented on August 26 to HBO the first full trailer of the third season of "The present detective story", and good news is that the mood in series reminds the first season more, than the second. Second season. according to many critics, it was tightened.

In a trailer is shown how the detective Heys tries to open disturbing history of the gone children in the south of Missouri. This investigation forces him to rethink the past and on new to look at the family. It was more difficult to look for answers, the author and the producer of series Nick Pizzolatto has hidden them in three time spans.

the Mysterious crime story will be developed in the District of Ozark, State of Missouri this time. Local landscapes with mountains and lakes - ideal scenery not only for cards, but also for terrible crime with drug cartels, money laundering and, perhaps, occult murders.

is responsible For the scenario of the third season the permanent producer and the writer Nick Pitsollatto again - the person who, actually, and has thought up "The present detective story". But the script for several seasons will also be written by David Milch - the legendary television producer who has thought up series New York City Police Department.

B the new "Present detective story" will be again everything because of what the audience in the first season couldn't come off the screen: ambiguous characters and incredibly gloomy atmosphere. The first in the project the Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali has agreed to participate. He also plays a major role of the detective Wayne Heys investigating case of murder with participation of the gone children. With investigation he will be helped by the workmate Roland Uest (Stephen Dorff) and the teacher Amelia Riardon (Carmen Edzhogo).




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