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The PPB has told why Petro Poroshenko wasn't placed on the sanctions list of the Russian Federation

The chairman of fraction of Petro Poroshenko Bloc party Artur Gerasimov has commented on the sanctions list of the Kremlin and has noted that to the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin it would be unprofitable to distribute sanctions to the president of Ukraine.

Gerasimov has emphasized that at the list there is almost all president's team of Ukraine: members of Presidential Administration, diplomats, heads of parliamentary delegations at the European institutes.

"Ask many questions why there is no surname of the president of Ukraine, but as you know, according to the international practice of heads of state and government don't include in sanctions lists. If Russia has made it, then it would be the shot to itself in a leg - they would open a way for Vladimir Putin's inclusion in lists of persons to which the international sanctions are applied", - he has noted.

Gerasimov has added that imposition of sanctions by Russia is a pre-election technology for influence on results of elections in Ukraine.

"The sanctions list which was made in the Kremlin concerning the Ukrainian politicians is operation of cover of the pro-Russian candidates before elections", - he has added. the Chairman of PPB fraction has expressed at

surprise concerning inclusion of the party leader Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko in the sanctions list of the Russian Federation.

"Four years the president Petro Poroshenko resists to the Russian aggression, revives army and the defensive industry, she (Yulia Tymoshenko - ред) hits the president into a back, does nothing against Russia", - Gerasimov has noted.

It has noted that in the sanctions list there are also many worthy people, for which this recognition of their merits before Ukraine.



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