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The postponed gift

No, not such gift was expected from Dynamo in a match with Carpathians by the former president of the Kiev club, and nowadays the vice-president of UEFA Grigory Surkis celebrating today the birthday.

But experience prompts: worthy gifts are pleasant also out of a binding to concrete date.

"One life - one love!" The slogan flaunting on posters of matches of Dynamo - as the bridge connecting the present with a gold era of the Kiev club. Wonderful teams under Dinamo flag of the second half of the 1960th, the middle of the 1970th, the middle of the 1980th, the end of the 1990th were able to get to fall in love.

According to numbers of the vehicles parking near the main stadium of Ukraine in those days it was possible to study geography. A game of Kiev residents attracted fans of soccer from the different cities and rural lands of the big country. And "the thousand-voiced one hundred" many times gathered on the stands.

forgot the People about sad emptiness of store shelves, about the Chernobyl misfortune, about lack of money of the period of formation of capitalism in our country there and, at last, was simply happy familiarizing with great football action!

In the interviews Grigory Surkis said more than once that he since the childhood was a frequenter of stadium of Khrushchev (Central, Republican, NSK "Olympic" - substitute the necessary name depending on a historical era). And his understanding of the Game - from there, from blessed times.

Then guys in Dinamo t-shirts puzzled the most eminent opponents with mind-blowing pressure in the first minutes of a game, the favorite team showed the brightest samples of total soccer, and in the stands the ranking officers clasped on all buttons, bearded four-eyes-niishniki, bright ruddy combine operators, yet not old veterans of terrible war and the post-Thaw youth overflowed with optimism found a common language.

However is constant to indulge in nostalgia that once and the grass was more green (the truth, looking in the field of present stadium Chernomorets, you begin to think of rational grain in these words), both vodka is more tasty, and girls of eyes couldn't take away - incorrectly. It is necessary to be organic in any time. And Surkis manages it!

Managed to him to be saved in the early nineties from crash of Dynamo, together with partners having undertaken a duty of maintenance of the authority of the known brand. It was succeeded to return Valery Lobanovsky under supervision of whom the team has returned to a cohort of top clubs of Europe to Ukraine. It was succeeded to create all conditions for fostering in Ukraine of the real European star - the owner of "Ballon d'Or" Andrey Shevchenko. with

At last, it was succeeded to infect with football passion of large Ukrainian businessmen therefore our championship became for a while competitive and respected in Europe, and domestic clubs periodically reached late stages of Euro cups. We will tell, in eurospring-2009 only other our clubs could beat out the Ukrainian teams from an eurotournament in general - to foreigners representatives then didn't lose our championship!

Was succeeded to bring Euro-2012 to Ukraine (according to recent poll of one of a computer



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