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The police hasn't seen traces of an arson of vineyards in Odessa region

In management of police of Odessa region have said that have examined the place of the fire on Christoph Lakaren's vineyards: foreign objects, fuel and lubricants or flammable substances it was revealed not.

is said About it in the statement of police which is posted on the website of regional management on August 25.

"on August 25 in the Belgorod-Dniester police station has filed the resident of the village of Shabo a petition that the night before unknown have allegedly set fire to his vineyard. To the scene there has arrived the operational-investigations group. During survey it is established that the territory on which there was a fire is outside the settlement, it is externally similar to the thrown vineyards and I have overgrown a dry grass which in some places has burned out", - have said in police.

Also law enforcement authorities have noted that bushes of grapes aren't damaged".

"An event is registered the order established by the law. Check continues", - have noted in National police.

Earlier French wine maker Christoph Lakaren has said that on Friday evening unknown have set fire to his vineyards, 20 hectares of plantings have burned down.

Lakaren lives more than 10 years in the village of Shabo in the Odessa Region. Plantations of vineyards partially are on his earth, partially - on rented since 2007, for the leased site and land disputes continue.

So, in November, 2016 unknown on the bulldozer have destroyed his vineyards in Shabo, and in January of the 2017th Lakaren has said that at the territory of his yard in Odessa region shot.



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