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The plane with military crashed, there are victims: the first details and frames of the tragedy

The plane unexpectedly crashed because of breakage
onboard the aircraft there were two pilots who urgently catapulted.

In Thailand on Thursday, July 11, broke the plane. The educational and training jet Aero L-39 plane made training flight. On its board there were an instructor and the pilot, reports the Bangkok Post edition.

during flight happened breakage because of which to put the plane it was not represented possible, the representative of the Air Force of Thailand noted.

Pilots made the decision to catapult. Unfortunately, it was not without the victims. The instructor died, the survived pilot got off with small injuries.

As was reported earlier, emergency landing at the airport of the Russian city of Kaluga was made by the plane which summer from Montenegro to Moscow. The reason - to one of pilots it became unexpectedly bad. The first pilot fainted and everything could end for all very badly if not the 19-year-old passenger.

When the pilot fell, stewards began to ask whether there is onboard a physician. But it did not appear. However one of passengers who jumped up to the pilot and gave him first aid did not become puzzled. It is noted that in a plane first-aid kit there were even no most necessary drugs.

When the plane sat down in Kaluga, all very much were nervous. "At first it was terrible. We a little bit wagged a tail. I felt the panic attack, but nothing", - one of passengers of ill-fated flight shared.

However, to the second pilot was succeeded to cope, and it safely put the aircraft. 77 passengers and crew members did not suffer. The first pilot was hospitalized right there, and people were put on the bus and taken to Moscow. we Will add

that incident happened on the passenger liner of the Montenegro Airlines company which took from Montenegro to Russia flight Tivat-Moscow.

Earlier we wrote that two planes collided in the sky during flight. State of emergency happened on Wednesday, July 10, to two training planes of the Air Force. They faced in air during educational flight.

Plane crash occurred in Qatar.

Is known that pilots of planes managed to catapult therefore state of emergency was without the victims. At the same time the reasons of collision remain unknown.

"During educational flight occurred collision between two training aircrafts, and pilots could get out safely of the plane by means of the catapulted chair", - it is told in the message of the Defense Ministry.

Other details of accident are not disclosed yet.




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