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The plane which the drunk pilot was going to operate in a board has nearly departed to Japan

Here to you and country of severe rules...

In blood of the Japanese pilot arrested at Heathrow airport for visible intoxication, alcohol level more than by 9 times has exceeded an admissible limit, BBC News writes.

42-year-old Katsutosha Dzhitsukava who works in Japan Airlines has been arrested on October 28 after the alcohol test.

Has been established that his organism contains 189 mg of alcohol on 100 ml of blood though an admissible limit for the pilot - 20 mg.

the Pilot has pled guilty to a booze in municipal court of Uksbridzh on Thursday.

the Japanese TV company NHK has reported that police the driver of the airfield bus at whom the pilot has breathed the reek of alcohol has warned.

It had to pilot flight of JL44 Japan Airlines (JAL) to Tokyo, but the test in 50 minutes prior to a departure has failed.

the Boeing 777 Plane has flown up after a 69-minute delay.

B have apologized and have promised "to take immediately measures for prevention of any future iintsident", having added that "safety remains a prime priority".

of Dzhitsukava has been taken into custody and on November 29 has appeared in court.

By the way, in June the pilot of British Airways Julian Monagan has gone to prison for eight months for the fact that he was found on watch from 86 mg of alcohol in blood.

It has appeared at work at Gatwick Airport, having drunk three "double vodka" (that is, in total about 180 grams).

A you sometime flew with the drunk pilot? And with the drunk driver went?

of Christina Zvarych.



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