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The ozone layer can be restored completely to the 2060th!

Good news to all planet.

of the Research of the UN have shown that the ozone layer though slowly, but is restored, LADbible reports.

the Ozone layer of the atmosphere protects us from dangers of sunlight. "Hole" in an ozone layer has been for the first time found in the 1980th years over Antarctica. It is considered that the hole has resulted from hit of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.

Because of break of an ozone layer to us get powerful ultraviolet rays. It has led to increase in diagnoses of cancer of skin at people. In turn, it has entailed the bans to productions on emissions of the harmful chemical substances

Thanks to these restrictions of emissions the ozone layer has begun to be restored.

I though restoration goes slowly - the layer is recreated on three percent in a decade, but nevertheless business moves, and the hole can approximately disappear in the 2060th years! "The Antarctic ozone gap drags on, but still annual inspections show that it is available" - it is said in the report. "As a result of the Montreal agreements strong reduction of an ozone layer in polar regions has been prevented". Such researches are conducted time in 4 years as a part of the Montreal agreements. Under this contract of 1987, the ban of technogenic gases which cause damage to an ozone layer is introduced. As a result of these observations it has become clear that these gases vanish from the atmosphere for a long time.

the Montreal contract has helped to stop step by step emissions of a number of ozone-depleting chemical substances. Including chlorfluorocarbons (in abbreviated form HFU) which were so widely used by production of refrigerators and aerosol cans.

is expected Now that as a result the opening in an ozone layer will and be closed gradually further and the level of a layer will return to a state, as well as before emergence of a hole in the 1980th years. "Data show that the ozone layer in some parts of a stratosphere was restored since 2000 with a speed of 1-3% in 10 years" - it is said in the document of the World organization for the environment and meteorology under the auspices of the UN.

"According to the forecast, is planned to cure ozone over the Northern hemisphere and middle latitudes completely by 2030th years, the Southern hemisphere in the 2050th years, and in polar regions by 2060". In the report it is also said that for the first time since 2000 the ozone opening was reduced both by the size, and on thickness.

But a research have elicited also the fact of breach of contract about emissions of the forbidden gases. Despite progress of the stage-by-stage termination of emission - in East Asia increase in production and emission of HFU-11 since 2012 is found. These countries violators aren't defined yet.

A you trust positive or negative outlooks more? How do you think - everything at us will get better with ozone?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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