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The Opera browser adds TRON to the own cryptocurrency wallet

The founder of TRON Justin Sang appeared in news through a number of events recently. The action about a draw of $20 million and the Tesla car which revolted cryptocurrency community and did not bring the expected results was the most known probably.

However the famous founder also faced numerous positive news to the TRON blockchain platform. Quite recently the company announced partnership with Opera, the most popular web browser in the majority of the countries of Asia.

Communication with Opera is the big benefit for TRON. The Opera company which already has tremendous 300 million users is a fast alternative of the browser of less protected and less confidential Chrome or Safari. Besides, their platform is directed?? on making Web 3 more convenient and easy to control. the Company also made by

strong movements to acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The browser already supports tokens of ETH and ERC, doing it by the first web browser from considerable user base which offers peer cryptocurrency payments.

continues This step to the partner with TRON existing the direction of the company. Actually, within the next year, their intention consists in adding in the browser of twelve new blockchains, increasing functionality of the user and management.

Christian Kolondra, EVP in Opera and the head of browsers told recently: TRON is a popular blockchain which quickly develops and has quickly growing dApp ecosystem. We with pleasure will open our browser. Opening products several to blockchains, we accelerate acceptances of Web 3. This news - the main victory for Justin Sang and TRON. Offering the cryptocurrency wallet for TRON to the user base, the company, undoubtedly, will receive the increased awareness of users and support of the system.

Cooperation also allows users of Opera access to a blockchain of TRON and to directly start dApps from a blockchain. This functionality in addition connects the company with broader base of users. Sang told

: We are glad that Opera, the main browser with hundreds of millions of users, will smoothly support TRX and other tokens of TRON now. Users of Opera will be able soon to use dApps on TRON blockchain. TRON can be required further increase in base of users for support of the competition to Efirium and Binance, both from which have considerably big communities. Binance, in particular, represents the movement of community from Efirium as choice dApp. Fight against two platforms will demand more and more creative methods.

of Opera also expands release of the cryptocurrency wallets for users of IOS. The mass iPhone market do not use Opera or TRON yet, but connection will allow users of IOS to use TRON blockchain. In spite of the fact that recent sufferings of Apple under the Supreme Court slowed down its rates, the company still has the highest base of users in the countries with big GDP. Cooperation was put by TRON on рын



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